4Kidz Childcare, Nursery Prices and Opening times

Fee structure

Full day care £6.10 per hour

8.00am – 6.00pm

  • 5% discount where attendance is for 5 days of 10 hours or more
  • 5% discount for eldest sibling
  • Discounts only apply to full day care and do not apply to additional hours

Early bird and late day £6.10 each session

7.30am – 8.00am

Part day care £6.10 per hour

8.00am-12.00am/1.00pm – 5.00pm

Place allocation criteriaThe following criteria will be considered when allocating any spaces that are or become available after staff/child ratios and registration requirements have been taken into account.

  • A child requiring full-time day care for five days a week will be given preference over a child requiring three or four days a week.
  • A child requiring part-time day care over a minimum of three days will then be considered and places will be offered to the child who requires the most part-time sessions.
  • The child’s position on the waiting list after the number of full or part-time sessions has been looked into will then be considered. The waiting list will also be used should two children require the same day care and the place will be offered to the child highest on the list.
  • Preference is given to siblings of children already at the nursery.


  • Government funding entitlement hours (30 hours) – only available as stretched offer of 22 hours per week all year.

Where a child qualifies for the 22 hours full year entitlement spaces are restricted to those that have been attending our nursery from their second birthday or earlier for full day care over a minimum of three days. Available only to children who attend all year (not term time) places.

  • Government 2 and 3 year old funding (15 hours) – only available as stretched offer of 11 hours per week all year

Where a child is in receipt of two year old funding or they have turned 3 and in receipt of the basic three year old funding. If a child is not attending full day care and wishes a part time place for just the funded hours this MUST be over a full year (no term time only basis will be available) 11 hours per week. This may NOT run over a meal period.

However at the owner’s discretion term time places may be available when day care part time places have not been filled or offered during our quieter periods of the day, such as 1-4pm.

At the discretion of the manager, we may be able to extend session hours to incorporate a lunch period. This will require a home-packed lunch being provided each day.




We calculate your annual fees to provide a regular monthly payment:

Payments must be made by the first of each month

We accept payment by:


Banker’s Standing Order to Barclays Bank Account – 4KIDZ CHILDCARE LTD– account number 43817261 sort code 20-92-54.

We also accept certain childcare vouchers (please speak to the manager)

We are closed on:

Bank holidays and for
the Christmas period from 1pm on 24th December
Reopening on the first working day in January